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Internet safety

All it takes to make your online banking as safe as possible and to protect your account from unauthorised access by third parties is following a few simple rules.


1. Always use caution

TANs (Transaction Authentication Numbers) can only be used for your personal transactions. Your bank will never ask you to enter a TAN for prize draws, security updates or to refund money into your account. Therefore, use caution if anybody ever asks you for your bank details or a TAN when you are not actually in the process of making a transaction.

2. Double check before entering the TAN

Once a TAN has been generated, your chipTAN generator or mobile phone screen will show all of the main transaction data again as well as the TAN. If these data do not match what you have entered, cancel the transaction and immediately get in touch with your Sparkasse.

3. Always keep up to date

Check the transactions on your account regularly. You can do so both online and on your account statements. When doing so, carefully check all of your outgoings, because this is the only way to detect unauthorised withdrawals in time.

4. Specify transaction limits: Your daily online banking limit

Specify a daily limit for your online banking transactions. Doing so will limit the maximum amount of money that can be withdrawn from your account each day using online banking. This is a very easy and practical way to limit the amount of money available each day in a way that suits your needs and to limit the risk of unauthorised access from a third party.

5. If in doubt: Block your account

If you ever suspect that something isn't quite right with your online banking account: Block your account. To do so, either contact your bank directly or call our 24 h emergency security helpline at 116 116, calls to which are free across the whole of Germany. This number can also be called from abroad. For more information, please visit

As well as the above, always take extra care to protect your personal data when using online banking services, surfing the internet or shopping online - especially when you are travelling.

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